4 things to know before selling... what, when, how & who?

WHAT are the market conditions?


WHEN --consider your timeframe for selling


HOW does your home compare?


WHO can best help you sell? Realtor.com Local Experts!


we are Proud to be Realtor.com Local Experts

We are Realtor.com Local Experts!


We advertise heavily online.  With most buyer's looking for their homes on the internet, online marketing has never been more important!

A changing landscape for sellers!


That's why we're staying ahead of the curve!  When you list with us, you can be confident your home will achieve maximum exposure.

4 steps to a successful sale - our commitment

STEP 1 Determine the right price in current market conditions in a timeframe that works for you!

  • Comprehensive Market & Property Analysis
    We start with a comprehensive analysis of fair market value, including a general overview of market conditions and a specific analysis of how your property compares, factoring in all the special features  that provide added value to your home.

  • When time is of the essence...   We will consider all your selling objective, including how quickly you want to sell.  Then we will devise a plan that will sell your home for the best price in a time frame that works for you.

STEP 2 Present your property in the best way possible...

  • Consultation, staging & your own Sales Touch-up Genie ©       We provide expert consultation on showing your home in the best possible light... from curb appeal analysis to minor touch up and renovation services... we will help you get your home ready to show its best face!

  • High Quality Photography, Virtual Tour & Unique Brochures       We understand that the visual presentation of your home is critical.   We start with high quality photography and prepare a first class virtual tour and brochures which are custom-made specifically for your property. 

STEP 3 Aggressive Advertising & Prospecting -- we don't just wait for buyers to come to us...

Get the benefits of having a "Realtor.com Local Expert" on your side...


  • Online Marketing.. we are Realtor.com Local Experts!   We utilize  Social Media, Real Estate Industry Websites… and a unique website created just for YOUR property.      95% of ALL home-buyers are using online resources  during the home buying process (National Association of Realtors, 2017).  That's why so much of our marketing effort is pointed in that direction.  Of course your property will be listed on all major real estate websites, including Zillow.com, Realtor.com, State27Homes.com and others. Moreover, we can create a website just for your property.  That website will showcase the special added value features of your home on a platform free from the distraction of other properties.   

  • Buyer Prospecting      You never know where your buyer might come from. So, reaching out to other agents regionally and sometimes even globally is an important part of our sales strategy. We work out of the largest Real Estate office in the country, but we don't stop there. We will market to any and all real estate brokers and agents  wherever they are located to ensure your property gets maximum exposure. 

  • Traditional Marketing     Yes, 95% of all home-buyers are using online resources at some point during the home search process. Nevertheless, we cover all the bases, utilizing traditional advertising and cross-marketing strategies. Strategic mailings to neighbors and target markets will always reference a website where more information about your property can be obtained.   


  • Exposure  |  Private Brokers & Neighbors Preview and Public Open House Events     Making it easy for buyers to see your property...     We host a preview Open House for neighbors and brokers, as well as Open House events for the public.  We want to make it easy for buyers to see your property and say "yes!"   

STEP 4 Negotiating and Closing the deal...

This is the part of the transaction where having a competent professional and skilled negotiator on your side is critical.

  • Required Industry  & Real Estate Law Knowledge      Having a competent professional on your side with a sophisticated understanding of the processes and documents typically involved in purchase transactions is vital to protecting you in the process. 


  • Skilled Negotiating      Having a skilled negotiator on your side can make a significant difference to your net proceeds.   Negotiating can sometimes continue right up to the day of closing ~ you want a professional who understand what it takes to protect your side of the transaction.   

Making sure you don't leave $$$ on the table...


We make sure your know the value of your home in current market conditions.

Selling it at the best price...


We create the kind of interest that generates the highest offers and generates them quickly!

Selling it faster...


We aggressively market to potential buyers to produce results.

Making it easier...


We are there to help every step of the way.


Crazy commitment to our clients!

A client today is a friend for life.

 We truly believe a client today is a friend for life.  So, if you are selling a house - relax - we've got your back!

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Selling a home is a huge undertaking. We are here to help and make certain you get the best results!