having a buyer's agent just makes sense


representing buyers...


Navigating the searching process is just a small part of buying a home.  Analyzing value, not just in isolation but in terms of market conditions is an important part of determing your offer.  And, knowing your obligations and rights as a buyer are critical to structuring that offer in the right way. The negotiations can often be complex, particularly in competitive markets.  Even in the most uncomplicated transactions, however, we are sure you will find having a member of The Brockwell Group on your side will be of enormous benefit.


 As is the case in most areas in the country,  the burden of Real Estate Broker commissions typically falls exclusively to the Seller.  So, buyers can obtain the services and benefits of a Licensed Realtor with little or no financial costs.

steps to finding your home

Determine your price range | Pre-Approval


Be sure you have your financing in place.  If you are not an ALL cash buyer, getting pre-approved for a mortgage is critical, especially in this market.  Most sellers today ask that all offers are accompanied by either proof of funds or a pre-approval letter. When you find that perfect home you want to make an offer as quickly as possible.

Finding The Right Property


Strategic Search Alerts through MLS. We will work with you to set up the precise parameters that meet your home requirements.  Receive weekly, daily or even hourly updates when a property  comes onto the market that meets your criteria.  Automatic search updates are critical, particularly in the current market.  Click below to get started ~ it takes less than 60 seconds.

Making an Offer


Negotiating ~ YOUR best interest is our objective.  An offer to buy a property is just that ~ an offer.  It can be contingent on many factors, giving you the opportunity to pull back your offer under certain circumstances -- for example, an inability to secure financing, an unsatisfactory home inspection, or a low appraisal. Many times initial offers will be 'countered' by the seller, having a strong negotiator on your side is a tremendous advantage. 

The Brockwell Group on your side


We charge NO COMMISSION to Buyers - the advantages are tremendous.  

It just makes sense to have a buyer's agent on your side. The Seller pays commission to their agent and that agent typically shares those commissions with the buyer's agent.  As your agent, we will be there every step of the way ~ from helping you to determine your price range, searching for just the right property, negotiating the very best deal, preparing the offer (contract to purchase), right through to closing day!