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Backed by Charles Rutenberg Realty, Inc.  home of one of the largest real estate offices in the state, The Brockwell Group delivers  unmatched expertise, devised from both education and experience with a 100% commitment to unsurpassed customer service!

Technology and a team approach...

Residential or commercial, buying or selling , there are many components to the process.  We work with the best professionals in the industry.  It is our team approach which allows us to guarantee you will be way beyond satisfied with our service

Residential or Commercial, Buying or Selling... Look no further!

Robert Brockwell, Realtor | PRO


Robert Brockwell, Realtor PRO

 Going above and beyond is just another day at the office!

Have questions?  Whether you are buying or selling, feel free to call anytime for assistance.  "There is no doubt in my mind that success in this business is all about the service ~ and no one will work harder for you!"


Trust Matters

As a US Veteran and former police officer, Brockwell understands the concept of trust. It goes hand and hand with his relentless commitment to protecting his clients' best interests. Having also been in the mortgage business for more than a decade he has expertise in the real estate sales process from start to finish.   Trust the Experience, the Expertise & the Commitment to Service.

  • Skilled in negotiation resolution of difficult transactions
  • Highly competent in assessing property values and market trends
  • Capable of handling all property type transactions
  • Strong user of online marketing resources including Social Media Marketing.



Local & Regional Knowledge


A resident of Pinellas County, FL for more than thirty years and raising six children here, Brockwell knows the area -- restaurants, schools, shopping centers, businesses, community programs, etc. He loves Florida, and the Tampa Bay region in particular.  Whether you are relocating an entire corporation or looking for a second home in the area, he  will take great pleasure in pointing out to newcomers the many advantages of living in Paradise! 

Call Robert today! (727)460-6419

Barbara Brockwell, Realtor & Negotiation Specialist


Education, Expertise & Experience

 Barbara Brockwell attended college at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney, Australia, where she graduated with highest honors at the top of her class. Brockwell spent an additional three years in graduate school continuing her studies in the areas of Psychology, Communication Skills and Ethics. She spent more than a decade in Sydney where, in addition to her academic position at UNSW, she worked as a Clinical Psychologist and Mediation Specialist. She taught subjects that included Psychology, Statistics and Communication Skills. Much of her private practice involved mediation work, honing a skill set that has proven invaluable in the real estate industry. 


Barbara Brockwell | Realtor, Mediation & Negotiation Specialist

Long time Resident of Florida

Having lived in many different places, Brockwell chose to settle in Pinellas County more than twenty years ago, where she and her husband have been raising their three children. She has been involved in the residential real estate mortgage business for more than a decade, in the fields of sales, marketing, technology and compliance. As a member of various school and charitable organizations, she knows the Tampa Bay area as well as any. Her diverse expertise truly makes her a valuable resource to buyers and sellers alike.


Commercial or residential, buying or selling... There is no stronger advocate!

Brockwell's academic background in the areas of communication and statistics, as well as her many years of experience in mediation, negotiation, the mortgage and real estate industries and business in general, gives her clients a big advantage.  

Call her today for a free property/market analysis or a free consultation about the ways she and the Brockwell Group can help you!

Tristan Brockwell, technical Market/Property analyst & social Media Specialist


About Tristan Brockwell

A recent graduate of Yale University, Tristan Brockwell was born and raised in Largo, Florida.  His education is certainly diverse, but one of his great loves is mathematics/statistics, making him a tremendous addition to the team. He puts his analytical skills to good use in the area of Social Media, determining the best campaign strategy for a property sale, give the demographics of likely clients.  Whether he is analyzing market trends, reviewing property analyses  determining marketing strategies, or preparing financial spreadsheets, his input to the Brockwell Group is invaluable.


Technical Market/Property Analyst

Whether you are buying or selling, there is an abundance of data available in today's market to help you make the right real estate decisions.  We will assist you in navigating that  data to help ensure you achieve the very best possilbe real estate outcome.


Social Media Specialist

Real Estate.... the practice and the needed skills sets have changed.  Social media, and online markting in general, is a relevant factor in more than 95% of real estate transactions today. Make sure your Real Estate professional has the right expertise.

charles rutenberg realty


RESIDENTIAL | Charles Rutenberg Realty, Inc

   Rutenberg has been a well-respected name on the west coast of Florida and beyond for many decades. Indeed, if you live in the area, it is very likely that you have stepped foot into a Rutenberg home at one time or another. For more than a decade, Charles Rutenberg Realty, Inc. has been offering first-rate realty services to various locations in Florida, as well as many other areas around the country. Consistent with the Rutenberg reputation, Charles Rutenberg Realty strives to serve every client ethically and diligently, a commitment reflected in the service provided by The Brockwell Group. (727)424-4852 


COMMERCIAL | CR Commercial Realty, Inc.